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WUM: Two stabbed to death

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The tension between the Fulanis and the indigenous population of Wum is still very high despite calls for calm and restraint from several quarters.

The latest victims are Dze Rene and his brother Manfred, who was allegedly stabbed to death, yesterday by armed Fulani militia while working on their farm.

The two died on their way to the Wum District Hospital.

Dze Rene, we have been informed is a student of GTTC Waindo, who was waiting for his GCE technical results.

The tension between the Fulanis and the Aghem Community In Wum erupted last Monday following the discovery of the bodies of four Fulanis killed by still unidentified persons.

The Fulanis, who suspected the Aghem youths went on the rampage. Some of the Aghem people were killed, several injured, and property destroyed.

Soon after that incident Fon Bambi 2 of Aghem came out and appealed for peace to allow the Administration to conduct its own finding as to the perpetrators of last Sunday's killing of the four Fulanis.

The recent killings and atrocities by the Fulanis is proof that the Fon's appeal has fallen on deaf ears.

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