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WUM: tension mounts as Fulanis avenge killing of four of them

After a low in hostilities between the Fulanis and the indigenous population of Wum, Menchum Division, Northwest Region, tension again erupted between the two, on Monday 25th July 2022, following the attack by Fulani militias to avenge the kidnapping and killing of four of their brothers on Sunday by unknown gunmen.

The attack we gathered followed the release of the Fon of Naikom, and the Secretary General of GTTC Wum.

The Fulanis, in their attack we gathered attacked the Zenhofe palace, destroyed property, and injured 10 other persons.

One of the injured is the president of the Aghem Youth and Development Association, Pastor Ngong Rogers, who was wounded in the head.

The bodies of the four kidnapped Fulanis were later dumped in a river in Aghem. No one has claimed responsibility for the killing.

The tension between the Fulanis and natives of Wum has existed for a long time and has become aggravated with the onslaught of the Anglophone crisis.

The natives of Menchum have been accusing the administration of fueling the crisis by arming the Fulani militias, especially given one of the administrators of the Division is a Muslim.

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