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WUM State Counsel bags PhD

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Wum State Counsel, Magistrate Akame Winslow Melle has bagged a Ph.D. from the English Law Department in the Faculty of Laws and Political science of the University of Buea.

The candidate defended his thesis on July 28, 2022 in front of a five-man jury headed by Professor Atancho Akonumbo as chairperson.

The thesis is titled "The Compliance of Cameroonian Banks with COBAC standards on the Legal Protection of Electronic Banking Users"

While defending his thesis, the candidate highlighted the advancement of Information communication technologies which has also affected the banking sector, adding that while the banks have embraced the technological innovations, compliance with COBAC norms is still problematic at the level of enforcing the standards.

He explained that while technology is fast growing at a geometric proportion, the law regulating such innovations is growing at arithmetic progression.

Magistrate Akame Winslow Melle's thesis was supervised by Professor Dione Irene Sama- Lang.

The relevance of the topic to present-day context, as well as his brilliant presentation earned Magistrate Akame an excellent grade from the jury.

Magistrate Akame Winslow Melle is a graduate of the National School of Administration and magistracy ENAM and is currently serving as a state prosecutor of the Legal Department of the Menchum High Court in Wum.

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