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WOTUTU: Population mounts roadblock to prevent the military from departing the village

The inhabitants of WOTUTU village, Buea subdivision, Southwest Region, Sunday 12th June 2022, came out in their numbers and set up barricades to stop elements of the Rapid Intervention Force "BIR," who were deployed there from leaving, risk having the village in the hands of the separatists.

BiVoundi24 News has been unable to establish when the BIR was deployed to WOTUTU and why they are leaving.

Just like in parts of the war-torn Northwest and Southwest regions, the presence of the military suggests a strong separatist presence. As we have been informed, the separatists operate mostly in areas with lush Forest where they could easily carry out surprise attacks on the military before retreating into the bushes.

Given its size and enclavement, the military presence in WOTUTU suggests a high-profiled Elite of the Fako Division comes from that village. Despite the roadblocks and the pleas from the inhabitants of WOTUTU, the BIR finally departed.

But we have later been informed that the departure of the BIR, is either a tactical move to confound the separatists or a routine displacement exercise.

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