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Why do you have a "crossed-through syringe" icon on your Al Hosn App?

The ALHOSN UAE app is the official COVID-19 testing channel for health authorities in the United Arab Emirates, by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

By using the app, everyone can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep their family and friends safe.

If you've recently recovered from Covid-19, you might notice that your green pass has changed.

A crossed-through syringe icon will appear in the top left-hand corner. It indicates that you contracted Covid during the last three months and are therefore immune to immunization.

"This icon appears automatically for people who have tested positive for Covid-19 and recovered," an official said in a video posted to the Al Hosn Twitter page.

The sign will be permanently displayed on the Al Hosn app for people who have been exempted from receiving the vaccine due to a medical issue.

After 90 days of testing positive, it will go.

What will happen after that? You will be able to receive a vaccine/booster if you are eligible for one.

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