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Where is Yves Michel Fotso?

On September 22, 2012, Yves Michel Fotso was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison in the presidential plane case. He challenged this verdict by appealing to the Supreme Court of Cameroon.

Already sentenced to 25 years in prison, Yves Michel Fotso, who claims his innocence, receives two life sentences in the space of four days following his original sentence.

Due to ill-health and a need for specialized care not available in Cameroon, Yves Michel Fotso was authorized by President Paul Biya to continue treatment out of Cameroon. He was evacuated on August 19, 2019, to Morocco to receive medical treatment.

Three years after, some Cameroonians who could have been shocked by President Paul Biya's fatherly and humanitarian decision to grant Mr. Yves Michel Fotso a pass to get better treatment still continue to fuel the media with stories of the business magnet being free to do as he wills and pleases in Morocco. They even go to the extend of saying that he is nowhere to be found.

So, where is Mr. Yves Michel Fotso?

In a certified document released by Boris Bertolt (media and political activist), the presence of Michel Fotso in Morocco has been attested by local Cameroonian diplomatic authorities. This brings an end to the rumors surrounding his whereabouts and strengthens the claims of Cameroon's presidency that, Mr. Michel Fotso's health evacuation to the Kingdom of Morocco wasn't in any way a pretext to release him from prison illegally and in no way does it stop the legal process against him.

From all indications, Mr. Yves Michel Fotso is complying with the terms of his release and evacuation to Morocco for health reasons.

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