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West Region: At least 07 soldiers killed by separatists in the Bamboutos

Updated: Jan 1

This figure represents the preliminary death toll from the incident on Wednesday.

Cameroon's West region is seeing a bloodbath. According to a number of accounts, rebels in the Bamboutos killed at least seven soldiers this Wednesday, August 10, 2022. The specifics of the tragedy's circumstances are now unknown.

Since the Anglophone conflict began, the department of Bamboutos has been the target of multiple attacks. For instance, on July 14, 2021, two gendarmes were killed and then their heads were severed in Zavion, in the Babadjou neighborhood.

This assault came after Galim's assault on the Menfoung military outpost on the night of April 29–30, 2021, which claimed four lives. After many incursions, the attackers took advanced weapons.

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