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'WESCO' is no more!

The founder and proprietor of one of the oldest colleges in Kumba, Western College, popularly referred to as WESCO, situated at Farm road street, Fiango Kumba 2 subdivision, Ekane Robinson is no more.

Ekane Robinson, who died on Monday 23 rd may 2022 after a brief illness was buried this afternoon at the family residence at Farm road street.

In a sermon preached at his wake keep, titled, "leaving the eternal life on Earth," Evangelist Forbiy Joseph of Friends to Jesus, Akale Street, explained that the death of Ekane Robinson, has metamorphosed into a crusade, adding that he was no longer preaching to Ekane Robinson, who according to him had lived his life but to the living mourners.

He further reminded the mourners that God created every human being for a specific purpose adding that the living still has a purpose God is keeping them alive.

In the sermon, drawn from John 3:16, Evangelist Forbiy Joseph further reminded the mourners that God created man in his image but due to greed and disobedience, man brought suffering to himself.

He said that despite the Eden conspiracy, God sent his one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to earth to atone for the sins of the whole world by shedding His precious and meritorious blood on the rugged cross of Calvary.

Mr. Ekane is gone, he cried out adding Jesus did not come to give the world money but eternal life.

Various Christian denominations attended the wake keep, as well as family members, friends, and well-wishers of the deceased.

The Corpse of Ekane Robinson was removed this morning at the Hope clinic mortuary, Fiango Kumba 2 and it was later conveyed to the family residence at Farm road street.

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