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Vacancy: DJ needed - Cameroon - Equatorial Africa Old-timers' Specialist

BiVoundi24 Radio is calling on interested DJs willing to work for her to submit their credentials @

Live Date: End of March 2022

About BiVoundi24 Radio

BiVoundi24 Radio is an online 24/7 music streaming radio station whose goal is to keep alive music from Cameroon and equatorial Africa (old-timers) with a goal of transmitting the melodies to future generations.

We are a Pan African radio station that mostly streams indigenous music from Cameroon and Equatorial Africa.

BiVoundi24 Radio is NOT a commercial radio channel.

About the Role

A DJ for BiVoundi24 Radio needs to be a music lover who is passionate about music from Cameroon and Equatorial Africa and has a beyond-average knowledge of the Cameroon Old-timers database.

  • Remote role

  • Paid per task

  • The DJ will need to be able to tell in less than 10 seconds of listening to a melody the name of the artist/author, the brand of music, year/period, and region of origin of the melody.

  • The DJ is expected to continuously enrich our currently 9500+ database with more original music between 1950 and 2002

  • Music classification and cataloging

Music Categories

  • Makossa

  • Bikutsi

  • Assiko

  • Mangambeu

  • Ambasse bey

  • Le Bol

  • Bend-skin

  • Highlife

  • Afrobeat (Fela Kuti orientation

  • Kwasa kwasa

  • Ndombolo (Congo)

  • Soukous (Congo)

  • Tcha Tcho (Congo - Koffi Olomibe orientation)

  • Rhumba

  • Mbalax & Zilin

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