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UNESCO: Nguon, Ngondo, and Mvêt festivals will soon be listed as World's Cultural Heritage

The procedure for the inscription of certain local events on the list of intangible world heritage includes three current files: the Nguon, a community expression and rituals around the sacred wood of the Bamoun people, the Ngondo, a cult of water oracles, and the Mvêt, which is a multinational candidature file with Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The Minister of Arts and Culture also recalled that without the support of technical and financial partners, the natural properties of Cameroon would probably be on the list of properties in danger or displaced from the World Heritage List. At the same time, he indicated that the process of repatriation of Cameroonian art objects exposed abroad is under great pressure from associations. Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt gave an update on the process and indicated that the process continues serenely.

These include the request of the Tibati community, relating to the repatriation of objects of its heritage exhibited at the Museum of Overseas Bremen in Germany, the request of Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III with his association Afric'Avenir, relating to the repatriation of the Lock Priso temple which is in the Museum of Five Continents or the request of His Majesty Fon Sehm Mbinglo, relating to the repatriation of six Nso heritage objects to the Museum of Ethnology of the National Museums of Berlin in Germany.

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