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UB Senate approves re-sit exams results

The Senate of the University of Buea has reportedly approved re-sit examination results for the first and second semesters of the 2021/2022 academic year.

The session was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of that University, Professor Ngomo Horace Manga, who, while addressing members of the Senate expressed gratitude for their commitment to their execution of academic and research activities, which resulted in a very successful end of the academic year.

He also assured members of the Senate of that University that the institution intends to construct another security post in addition to the one at the main entrance to the campus.

The release of the results is crucial to some final-year students of the university as will determine whether they will graduate or not.

The publication of the results marks the start of the vacation for UB academic staff.

The vacation will end the first week of September 2022 ahead of the start of the 2022/20 academic year.

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