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Tombel Council gets 343 million FCFA to rehabilitate roads

The Government has allocated some 343 million FCFA to the Tombel Rural Council for the rehabilitation of roads in the council area.

The money was granted to the Tombel Council through the ministry of Urban Development.

According to a recent press release by the minister, the funding is part of national Road fund assistance for 2022 as the second phase of the initial assistance of 2021.

The funding we observe is in line with Government Decentralization policy to empower Local councils.

The deplorable state of the road, we further observe has been a nightmare and hindrance to the development of the people of Tombel and Kupemanenguba in general.

We also observe that last month some villages in Kupemanenguba took to the streets to protest against the deplorable state of roads in some parts of the Division.

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