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Tiko floods leave one dead, three wounded, and several hospitalized

Maurice Nlend, a primary school pupil in Tiko is reported to have died as a result of the heavy downpour during the early hours of Saturday 9th July 2022.

His parents, seriously wounded, are reported to be presently receiving treatment in a health facility in Tiko.

The other victim is equally reported to be currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

The Mayor of Tiko, later told the press that he received news of the water disaster around 3 in the morning.

HRH Peter Ikome Mososo, furthermore explained that when they visited the flood areas, they realized that most small cars could not move due to the water pressure.

The Tiko Mayor avoided the blame game preferring to refer to the phenomenon as a natural disaster.

For his part, Divisional Officer Karl Voh Armstrong said houses would have to be broken down to create channels/passages for water to flow freely, adding "if not we will constantly have situations of flood and there is nothing"

The heavy downpour equally caused flooding at the police college hill Likomba, Tiko, and Mutengene.

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