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Tiko-Douala road ghosted on New year's Day

The round-the-clock "busy-like-a-bee Tiko-Douala road has today Sunday 1st January 2023 been ghosted. Very few vehicles, bikes, could be found plying this stretch of road this morning.

Same with human beings. All the business places around this stretch of road remained closed. Even Tiko-Douala park is also ghosted given there are no passengers coming in or going out.

This road has been ghosted and business places sealed as a result of the feverish end of year-end of year's activities on the 31st. of December, characterized by wild drinking, boisterous activities, and other excesses.

Most if not all persons involved at the end of the year's activities are still sleeping, or resting to fully resume full-fledged activities on Tuesday 3rd January 2o23 given Monday is "kontri" Sunday in the South and Northwest of Cameroon.

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