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The second edition of Nfon Mukete football competition kicks off

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The Second Edition of the Nfon Mukete football competition dubbed unity and peace kicked off yesterday, Sunday 17th July 2022, at the Government practicing School field Kumba 1 subdivision.

The competition pits ten teams drawn from the ten Bafaw villages in the Meme division.

The kick-off to usher the start of the competition was taken by Prince Esoka Ndoki Mukete representing Nfon Ekoko IV mukete, who is currently visiting his subjects in America, and Europe.

Bolo FC the defending champion, along the Kumba-Mamfe road, and Ekumba FC of Kumba town played the opening that ended in no goal for either side.

The competition is divided into two pools with five teams in each pool and will end on August 28th.

Last year's competition took place at the Government Bilingual Teachers Training College Upstation Kumba 1.

Speaking to the press after the opening match, Prince Ndoki Mukete reiterated the aim of the competition to bring all the Bafaw people, especially the youths together.

Just like last year, the organisers of the competition did not disclose the cash price earmarked for the competition

The competition was watched by the First Assistant Senior Divisional Officer of meme, the mayors of Kumba 1 Kumba 11 and Kumba III subdivisions and a cross section of the Kumba population

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