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The Problem of Marginalization is shared by most Anglophones: Dr. Aristide Mono

The over five-year anglophone crisis continues to attract more and more sympathy, even among some francophones, who at the start of the crisis were indifferent.

One of them is political analyst Mono Aristide, who believes that the anglophone cry of marginilization is shared by the majority of anglophones.

He was speaking on Sunday, 12 June 2022, on the weekly Equinoxe TV debate program "Droit de Response"

Droit de Response is a weekly program over Equinoxe TV, where panelists are invited to throw light and discuss some issues affecting Cameroon and the world.

In the course of the debate program, Aristide mono said "though we hate what the separatists are doing, the problem of marginilization is shared by most anglophones"

His fellow panelist, Edmund Kamguia traced the intensification of the crisis to the refusal by the government to grant permission to late cardinal Tumi to organize the All Anglophone General conference AAGF, adding that this could have made things clearer as to how the Anglophone problem could have been solved.

"Many now believe it was a mistake to block them "he cried out.

The AAGF that was scheduled to take place in Buea was aimed at bringing some prominent Anglophones together the likes of Dr. Simon Munzu and Eli Smith

Though the Government refused to grant permission to the organization of the AAGC, the late mayor of Buea Ekema Patrick Esunge declared even if president Paul Biya authorized the convening of the AAGC he would never allow it to take place in Buea.

He told Cardinal Tumi to go hold the Conference in Bamenda, or his native village of Banso.

Willy Mengue of Maurice Kamto CRM party traced the anglophone crisis' to the failure to implement the provisions of the Foumban sacred accord between British southern Cameroons and the Republic of Cameroon, stating that if the top personality ot the country was a francophone automatically the second personality becomes an Anglophone, adding everything had been violated today

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