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"The Government compels us to beg" - LASPELD

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

While some persons condemn the physically challenged persons for begging instead of doing something to earn a living, the Limbe Association of Persons Living with Disabilities, LASPELD, says by not living up to its commitments to assist persons with Disabilities, the Government compels them to go out and beg.

The Secretary-General and Public Relations Officer of LASPELD, Natty Eugene, made this declaration in a chat with BiVoundi 24 News in Kumba on Saturday 29th July 2022.

While thanking some members of the public and some persons of Goodwill for assisting the Association in one way or the other, he recalled that prior to the celebration of the international day of persons living with Disabilities, some members of the Association go out to solicit for assistance to enable them to prepare for the celebration of the day adding it's because of the absence of any Government assistance.

"Over four years ago, the Limbe City Council promised to assist us with a grinding mill and a store in the market; we are still waiting."

The Association holds its meeting at the delegation of social affairs Down Beach Limbe every first Saturday of the month.

Due to heavy rains and floods, Natty Eugene says the Association is on recess.

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