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TEKE: Eight inducted into PCC Alleluia Choir

The Alleluia Choir of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Teke in Kumba 3 Subdivision has increased, following the induction Sunday, June 26, 2022, of eight new members into that group.

Preaching on the occasion, the parish Pastor, Kumu Rufus Numfor asked Christians to uplift and expand the Gospel of Christ and break down all the barriers and traditions, which according to him dehumanize human beings.

The Rev. Numfor also expressed satisfaction that more and more young men were joining the alleluia Choir of PCC Teke, and especially went on to appeal to mothers to encourage their children to come to church.

He recalled that Bob Marley later became a prominent musician by accompanying his mother who was a chorister in her Church.

Welcoming the new members, the Chairperson of that congregation, Elder Stanley Ofebe said the eight made the right choice.

Like Pastor Numfor before him, Elder Ofebe further appealed to the eight inducted members to uplift the gospel of Christ and to break down all the barriers and customs that tear people apart.

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