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SWRA: Over 2,06 billion FCFA spent in 2021

The Southwest Regional Assembly has disclosed it spent over 2.06 billion FCFA in the 2021 financial year out of the 2,753,347,000 FCFA budget, giving the commitment rate of 75,04 percent.

This balance sheet was disclosed recently by the president of the Southwest Regional Assembly, Mr. Bakoma Elango Zacheus on the occasion of the examination of the 2021 management accounts of the Regional treasurer as well as the stores' accounts of the stores accountant.

During the session, he also disclosed that the sum of 687,390,863, FCFA was committed by the authorizing officer.

The Governor of the Southwest Region, Bernard Okalia Belai, chairing the session, spoke briefly on the importance of the session, adding that it should be given the importance it deserves, explaining that It is important to adopt a budget, but even more important to achieve the purpose for which it was intended.

Shortly after the session, Mr. Bakoma Elango Zacheus told the press that they had an execution rate of 81% which according to him good for the southwest Regional House, adding that the house envisages 100% in the current year.

BiVoundi 24 News notes that The Southwest Regional Assembly is one of the outcomes of the Grand National Dialogue (GND) that took place in Yaounde in 2019.

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