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Sweden: Nigerian man who murdered his 27-year-old Cameroonian wife given life imprisonment

A 31-year-old Sweden-based Nigerian, Kelvin Osagie, has been handed a life sentence by a Swedish court for murder.

The attack on Carine Ndah Ngwe,” the Vänersborg District Court statement read, “was unprovoked and intentional and there are no mitigating circumstances surrounding the incident that allow it to be judged as anything other than murder.

Another portion of the court verdict cited an 8-minute recording of the victim’s last moments:

The recording clearly shows that it has always been Kelvin Osagie who is the attacker and Carine Ndah Ngwe, the victim.” The court writes.

The audio recording shows that she prayed for her life several times and told Kelvin to stop for the sake of the children as well”, it says in the verdict.

The district court said the audio recording was the “most decisive” factor that refutes the claim that Osagie had acted in self-defense.

The Swedish online media, ‘Expressen’ has reported that the body of Carine was found with over “70 injuries, with 50 being stab wounds stab wounds.

At the trial, Kevin was not only charged with murder but also a felony in two cases, as his two preschool children were in the apartment when the murder was committed.

Following her murder, Kevin had proceeded to stuff her body in a bag alongside baby clothes but was fished out.

Among other proofs of violence against his former lover, in court, was a video of the murder which he recorded himself.

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