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SOWEDA installs meteorology station in Nyan, Bangem

The Southwest Development Authority SOWEDA, Thursday, October 14th,2022, installed a meteorology station at their seed multiplication Center, in Nyan-Nkikoh, Bangem subdivision, Kupemanenguba Division Southwest Region.

The station was installed by the project engineer, Theodore Fongoh Mayah. In the technical description, Mayah said the Davis Vantage Pro2 plus 6163 equipment, is an expandable, professional, and wireless weather station that displays and records barometer pressure, further explaining that the station also records temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and direction, evapotranspiration, solar radiation, and ultraviolet light.

According to the engineer, the station also has key features like Anemometer for wind speed and wind direction measurement, a rain gauge for rain amount measurement, temperature and humidity sensors for temperature and humidity measurement, a solar radiation sensor, and an ultraviolet light sensor.

According to SOWEDA Director of Administration and Finance, Baloko Benson, weather and the environment have a significant effect on Agricultural activities, especially in the domain of crop production.

The center has a land surface of 74 hectares for cassava, plantains, and maize seed multiplication.

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