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Senate: Paul Biya appoints 5 women among the 30 senators

Five women are among the 30 individuals appointed to the Senate by President Paul Biya.

Paul Biya has recently nominated the 30 senators needed to fill out the third batch of the Upper House of the Cameroonian Parliament by presidential order, which was signed on Friday, March 31.

There are 5 women among the 30 individuals the Head of State has endorsed.

They are;

  1. Mrs. Sournack Henriette from the Center Region,

  2. Mrs. Bisseck Paulette from the South Region,

  3. Mrs. Regina Elizabeth Mundi from the North-West,

  4. Mrs. Hayatou Acha Pierrette from the North,

  5. Mrs. Abui Marlyse from the East.

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