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SDF Assistant National Financial Secretary Abandons Ship

Updated: Jan 3

Cameroon's Frontline opposition political party, the Social Democratic Front, SD, currently seems to be tottering on the precipice.

After several resignations by some prominent militants of the party, opposition by some party bigwigs headed by honorable Jean Mitchell Nintcheu followed by calls for Fru Ndi to resign from the leadership of the party, the National Financial Secretary of the party, Atekwana Joseph has now resigned from his function, invariably from the party.

In his resignation letter addressed to the National Chairman of the. SDF, John Fru Ndi, Atekwana Joseph, said he would be resigning from the party and the position held as of 1st January 2023.

He cited three main reasons for his resignation from the SDF.

According to Atekwana Joseph, no one like himself, who has sincerely served Fru Ndi, "has become anything in life public or privately."

He also said the founding fathers of the SDF and even their loved ones left behind have been abandoned by the SDF.

He also regretted that for the 33 years of its existence, the SDF can not boast of any landed property, except the party house at Olezoa in Yaounde "handed on a platter of gold to the party by late Manga James, whose kids and widows are never thought of."

"If you died before now I would have taken you for an angel, today you are worst than Satan," he said, adding "the SDF is equal to Fru Ndi and 98% of NEC meetings are held in your residence."

"Chairman I no longer have confidence in you." Mr. Atekwana added.

Diehard supporters of the embattled SDF chairman have hit back hard at Pa Atekwana Joseph, saying his resignation is a calculated attempt to preempt the audit of the finances of the party coming up early this year.

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