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Samuel Eto'o Fils' remark on duty-consciousness

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

I have no friends who work at Fecafoot. The one who thinks he was a footballer like me and thinks he can mess up my work will go to the neighborhood.

I want people who are determined and punctual in their tasks. I am not perfect but I try to do what makes my country move forward.

I have two other employees who will soon leave Fecafoot their work does not delight me. If you want to sabotage Fecafoot, you will do it after Eto'o.

It is not understandable that someone would take money from Cameroonians fraudulently by talking about the trip to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

I have not yet authorized anyone to talk about the Qatar 2022 delegation. I am waiting for FIFA to give the green light.

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