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"Respect Public Figures": Delegate of Communication tells journalists

The Meme Delegate of Communication with headquarters in Kumba, Southwest Region has appealed to journalists to respect public figures and stop addressing them carelessly and also stop harassing them for money.

Kome Ebane Slessor made this declaration while addressing journalists in a meeting she convened at the Kumba women Empowerment Center on Wednesday 15th June 2022 to discuss some issues affecting the profession and to chat about the way forward.

Speaking unscripted, she explained that she convened the meeting, the first in three years, to discuss pertinent issues affecting the profession in Meme and to chat about the way forward.

Targeting station managers and CEOs of TV and radio stations, she appealed to them to provide the names of their reporters designated to cover public events to him, or else she would not allow them to cover any public events.

Speaking generally, she advised her colleagues to respect public figures and desist from addressing them carelessly in public.

She also described the shabby way someone journalists appear in public, especially during official and public ceremonies.

She also sought to know why journalists in the Meme division boycotted the last World Press Freedom Day celebrated on May 3rd. A lengthy and heated question and answer question followed.

In attendance were pressmen representing Radio Evangellum, Ocean City radio, Lakeside Radio, Calvary good news Radio, Kingdom radio, the Guardian post Newspaper, The Horizon newspaper, the Median newspaper, the Star newspaper, the Informant newspaper, the Detective Newspaper, Cameroon Tribune, and L'Action newspaper.

The following television stations were present: KCBS, Vision4, and Equinoxe.

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