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President Paul Biya's 13 Mega Projects for 2023 - List

On the occasion of his annual end-of-year speech to the nation, President Paul Biya outlined some mega projects, some of which will be launched in 2023 and for a good majority, are ongoing and scheduled to be completed.

  1. Rehabilitation and modernization of the Tiko and Bertoua airports;

  2. Construction and bituminization of the Lena-Tibati-Ngatt express road No. 15;

  3. Construction, expansion, and bituminization of the Bertoua-Batouri express road which will be extended to Yokadouma;

  4. Construction of the Kribi-Lolabe express road;

  5. Construction and bituminization of the Grand Zambi-Kribi express road;

  6. Beginning of the exploitation of bauxite and iron ore from the Kribi-Lobe;

  7. Construction of a mega factory for iron ore transformation in Kribi-Lobe;

  8. Construction of a 20km pipeline in Kribi-Lobe;

  9. Construction of a 60mega watt electric station in Kribi-Lobe;

  10. Putting in service the cross-river bridge linking Cameroon to Nigeria;

  11. Construction of the Sangmelima-Brazaville express road;

  12. The exploitation of iron ore in Mbalam-Nabeba

  13. Construction of a 540 km railway from Nabeba-Congo to Kribi.

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