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President Paul Biya end of year's address dodges the 'Anglophone crisis'; opts for military solution

Cameroonians of all works of life, especially, Anglophones, Saturday evening December 31st, 2022, at 8 pm glued to their television and radio sets to listen to President Paul Biya of Cameroon's end-of-year address to the nation.

President Paul Biya's end-of-year address is an annual ritual in which the president chronicles the year's activities and announces the Government programs for the next year.

Most Cameroonians, especially Anglophones, expected President Paul Biya to propose solutions, or call an end to the over six years of the Anglophone crisis. But it was not to be. Their hopes were dashed.

President Paul Biya, instead mentioned calm was returning to the South West and Northwest Regions, or regions he referred to as regions of terrorist activities.

He hailed the population of these areas for collaborating with the forces of law and order to reduce the terrorist activities in their midst.

He also lauded the initiative of the United States of America, to apprehend some anglophones in America, who are sponsoring terrorist activities in the South West and Northwest Regions of Cameroon. And urged other friendly countries to emulate the American example.

President Paul Biya end of year address has been amply interpreted as he is not ready to peacefully solve the Anglophone problem, but is instead prepared for a military solution to end the crisis.

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