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President Biya offers medical equipment and gifts to victims of the Mamfe district hospital fire

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

President Paul Biya has offered medical equipment and other gifts to victims of the Mamfe District Hospital fire.

The gifts were handed over the weekend by a delegation led by the minister In charge of Special Duties at the presidency, Victor Arrey Mengot Nkongho.

The gifts included beds, mattresses, and other medical supplies.

Mr. Mengot told the recipients that the gifts were from the president and his wife Chantal Biya to assist victims of the Mamfe District Hospital fire.

He further assured the recipients to remain focused and that the state will protect them.

The Ministry of Territorial Administration also assisted the victims with blankets and buckets while the minister of Public Health offered a theater and laboratory.

The gifts from President Paul Biya was worth CFA 79 Million francs. The Southwest Regional House had previously sent gifts worth 15 million francs.

The fire on the Mamfe District Hospital occurred on Wednesday 8th June 2022.

While separatists and government are busy trading accusations, the United Nations and other reputable local and international bodies have called for an unfettered investigation, asking for the perpetrators to be brought to book.

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