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Population angry over deplorable state Kumba-Tombel-Loum road

Barely a few months into the rainy season, the road linking Kumba-Tombel-Loum is in a deplorable state, provoking the wrath of the population of Etam, Ebonji, Mile20, Tombel, and Loum.

The population recently came out in protest calling on the government to do something, adding that the road is practically impassable.

In the heart of the rainy season, the population observed, is even worse as pools of water and mud make it difficult and exhausting for transporters and commuters to reach their destinations.

The villages along this road, like Ebonji, Tombel, Teke, and Mile20, have remained poor because for decades they cannot their produce to the market.

Many we have gathered have converted their trips to Kumba to Loum, into a prayer session for fear of accidents.

A certain driver, Enoch Egbe, who had plied the road for a long time, once told journalists that it is his experience that enables him to make safe trips to Loum and back.

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