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Polio detected in the US

The first case of the severe viral disease to be found in the United States in many years was discovered by health experts in New York.

The outbreak was sparked by areas of the community with low vaccination rates, and the case was discovered in Rockland County, which in 2019 battled a devastating measles outbreak. Health officials in Rockland, the neighboring city of New York, and the state are currently advising citizens to be vaccinated, especially youngsters, and to get their booster shots if they have already received one but are at high risk.

A person was discovered to be afflicted with a vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2), also known as a revertant polio Sabin type 2 virus, according to the New York State Health Department. Similar polioviruses have recently been found in sewage samples taken in London.

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