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Pioneer Kumba II Divisional Officer laid to rest

Tsezode Pierre, pioneer Divisional Officer of Kumba II subdivision was interred in his native Baham in the Western Region of Cameroon on Saturday, 11 June 2022.

Kumba Central was split into Kumba I, Kumba II, and Kumba III in the year 2007. A year later, on September 18th,2007, Mr. Tsezode Pierre was appointed as the pioneer Divisional Officer of that subdivision.

He lorded over the Administrative affairs of that subdivision up to 14th September 2017, before being transferred to the central region in a different capacity.

On the eve of his funeral, the person who took over from him Edwin Kenyang Ngwana told the press, "we are bereaved, sad, he was a great administrator."

He further revealed that he would be leading a powerful delegation to be made of Divisional Officer's staff, quarter heads, friends, and well-wishers to the funeral.

The official funeral took place at 9 am before the corpse was handed to the family for other traditional rites, followed by the burial.

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