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PCC Kumba town: Christians again disrupt church Service

The problem that has been plaguing the Presbyterian Church Kumba town, for close to two months once again reared its ugly head during the church service on Sunday 7th August 2022.

The church service opened with routine worship and praise to pave the way for the pastor to mount the pulpit for the main service of the day.

Hell immediately broke loose when Rev. Pastor Mary Nduma Wose, who is also the presbytery secretary mounted the pulpit to deliver the sermon of the day.

Some disgruntled Christians, we gathered, immediately started blowing horns and whistles to disrupt the church service.

The service immediately ended prematurely as the Christians found their way home.

BiVoundi 24 News recalls that the problem currently affecting the PCC Kumba town, erupted on Sunday 26th June 2022 when some disgruntled Christians locked the doors of the church with chains forcing the service of that day to end prematurely.

Church services were subsequently disrupted on two other Sundays.

The church hierarchy later set up a commission to probe into the problem.

But the commission hit a snag given that the Nfon's palace was selected as the venue for the meetings of the committee members.

The committee members were against the palace as a venue and argued the matter centers on Christianity and not tradition.

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