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Over 30 Cameroonians stranded in Lagos after falling prey to scam networks

Following a desperate hunt for employment possibilities that turned out to be a hoax in the Republic of Benin, a French-speaking West African nation, at least 30 Cameroonians have been left stranded in Lagos, Nigeria, after falling victim to scam networks.

According to reports, Benin's security forces drove the victims out of the country. Later, they became stranded in Nigeria.

Some sources claim that the Cameroonian citizens were instructed to travel to the Benin Republic in exchange for a job that would pay up to 200,000 FCFA, but they would first need to pay at least 500,000 FCFA to register.

However, as soon as an agent arrives and hands over the 500,000 FCFA, they are prompted to participate in network marketing and to invite more of their friends.

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