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Northwest/West Regions: Two alleged separatist fighters killed; others captured

The Governor of the West Region has announced that gendarmes in Babadjou, Western Region, Tuesday, June 26th, 2022 repulsed an attack by separatists from the Northwest region on the Gendarmerie brigade at Babadjou, killing two separatists fighters, and apprehending eleven others, adding that the incident took place in the wee hours of the morning.

Governor Awah Fonka Shang, in his announcement also disclosed that gendarmes captured a huge quantity of ammunition from the separatists in the confrontation that left three gendarme officers wounded.

The Governor also revealed that the gendarmes were on high alert for the separatists' attack following a tip-off from someone he didn't mention. He also called on the population of the area to be vigilant and always cooperate with the administration and the Forces of law and order.

BiVoundi 24 News observes that on Thursday 9th, June 2022, alleged separatist fighters from Bambalang Ngoketungia, led by General No Pity attacked a gendarme post at Njitapon in the Same Western Region, killing five gendarmes, and wounding several others.

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