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Northwest: Two kids drown in Bamenda

The bodies of two children, who drowned in a stream around rendezvous neighborhood in Bamenda, Northwest Region were Sunday 26th June retrieved from for burial.

One of the kids we gathered, met his untimely death, as he jumped into the stream in an attempt to save the life of his friend.

The bodies of the two, who were swept downstream by the current were only discovered on Sunday floating after a desperate search by the population, especially the friends by friends of the drowned kids.

Due to the heavy rains currently falling in the Northeast and Southwest regions, most of the streams in the two regions have overflowed their banks and as a consequence, several small children had drowned.

Over two weeks ago, two school children drowned in a stream in Limbe.

The Limbe traditional authorities refused their corpses to be buried at the banks of the river as tradition often required.

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