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NORTHWEST: Regional Delegation of Trade Worker Shot Dead; One wounded

Fear and consternation have gripped the Northwest Regional Delegation of Trade following the shooting death of one of its staff and the wounding of another by unknown gunmen on Thursday, 9th June 2022.

The two, Athenku Sodjio, who died on the spot, and Ting Emmanuel, who was fatally wounded, BiVoundi 24 News gathered, were on a routine control of businesses to ensure and control arbitrary price hikes before meeting with their ordeal at the Bamenda hospital roundabout.

While Athenku Sodjio died on the spot, Yong Emmanuel, who was critically wounded is now receiving treatment in a hospital in Bamenda.

No one or group of persons have claimed responsibility for the attack of the duo, but BiVoundi 24 News notes that following the Ukraine-Russian war, businesses have taken advantage of the crisis to arbitrarily increase the prices of basic commodities even commodities produced in the country.

The duo, as we gather, were on the field to check such excesses before meeting with their unfortunate plight.

The minister of Trade and the Northwest Regional Delegation of Trade have admitted the death of Athenku Sodjio Mandela and the wounding of Yong Emmanuel, by still unidentified gunmen.

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