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The traditional ruler of Kumba and the Paramount Ruler of the Kumba Bafaws, in the South West Region of Cameroon, Nfon EKOKO IV Mukete is currently visiting his subjects in Maryland, United States of America.

Nfon Ekoko IV Mukete was received at the Maryland town hall on the 5th of June by members of Bafaw Cultural and Development Association BAFCUDA USA led by its president Dr. Grasso Matuke Ebako.

Nfon Ekoko IV Mukete who was accompanied by his wife used the occasion of the visit to appeal to his subjects to live in peace and harmony and to think of development back home and in their respective villages. BiVoundi 24 News observes that there are nine Bafaw villages in the Meme division; one in the Mbonge subdivision and the others along the Kumba-Mamfe road.

The Nfon, who was on his first visit also thanked BAFCUDA USA for their various moral and financial assistance back home, especially assistance to the seven students killed at the Campus of the mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango Kumba III subdivision over two years ago by unknown gunmen.

Welcoming the Nfon, Dr. Grasso Matuke Ebako thanked him for taking time off despite his busy schedule to visit his subjects in the USA.

Dr. Ebako also reminded members of BAFCUDA USA of the forthcoming Bafaw cultural jamboree known as Mbum Bafaw to take place before the end of the year in one of the Bafaw villages and urged members of BAFCUDA USA to start preparing to attend the jamboree.

The Nfon would wrap up his overseas trip after visiting his subjects in Europe and Asia, BiVoundi 24 News learned.

Nfon Ekoko III Mujete took over from his father Nfon V E Mukete, who died in Yaounde on Saturday, 20th April 2021.

Nfon V E Mukete abdicated the throne and handed over his Royal powers to the current Nfon on Saturday, 21 March 2020.

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