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New US Ambassador to Cameroon

Christopher John Lamora, a career diplomat married to a man, arrives in Cameroon. « This is his first job as an ambassador, but not his first time in Cameroon. He worked at the United States Consulate in Douala in the early 1990s. And he describes his first stay as "his first shot at the continent," according to RFI.

Following stops in Bangui (Centrafrique), Accra (Ghana), and Mala (Guinée Equatoriale), Joe Biden, the United States' president from April 2021, has named a new ambassador. A nomination was confirmed late by the Senate in December.

One of the first tasks facing the new American ambassador in Yaoundé is to find a "solution" to the English-speaking crisis. This "will be our priority," he said at his Senate audition in June before the Commission des Affaires étrangères.

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