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NDIAN: Prominent businessman killed by suspected separatists

A prominent businessman, resident at Ekondo Titi, Ndian Division, Southwest Region, has been shot dead by suspected separatists.

The man, whose identity we could only obtain as Simon was shot yesterday, Thursday 4th August 2022, in the leg during routine business activity. He later died on his way to the hospital from profusely bleeding we have been informed.

Simon popularly known as "stages of life" also owns a fleet of trucks and boats plying between Cameroon and Nigeria.

No one has claimed responsibility for his death. But speculation is rife that he was killed by the separatists for being an informant to the military.

According to one of his relatives, who spoke to our reporter in Kumba, Simon is alleged to have betrayed the separatists' hideout to the military to the extent some of the separatists were killed.

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