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Mystical objects planted in front of PCC Kumba town gate

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The problem that has been rocking the Presbyterian Church Kumba town for over two weeks has now taken a satanic twist following the posting of fetish objects in front of the gate of the church on Sunday 10th July 2022.

The mystical objects include a clay pot, a red piece of cloth, a strand of yellow palm fronds, and powder sprinkled on the floor of the veranda.

Normal church service was later carried on following the carting away of these fetish objects by the palace juju led by the chairman of the Bafaw traditional Council, Pa Eseme Moses.

The problem currently affecting PCC Kumba town started on 26th June following the decision of the church hierarchy to conduct fresh elections to replace the congregational chairperson who also doubles as one of the elders, Comfort Nkelle.

The church members chased away the pastors and sealed the church with locks and chains

Then on Sunday 3rd July, while the service was going on the Christians used horns, whistles, and vuvuzelas to disrupt the service.

Hon Peters Ekolle is a CPDM parliamentarian for the Meme West constituency.

Speaking to the press after the service yesterday, he lashed out against some Christians who don't worship God and have turned the house of God upside down.

He regretted that the incident is happening in the absence of the late Nfon VE Mukete.

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