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Mundemba: Pirates attack boat; rob passengers

Heavily armed pirates Saturday 2nd July 2022, stormed a boat transporting passengers and goods from Mundemba, Ndian Division to Idenau in Fako Division.

We have further gathered that the passengers, were robbed of all their money, merchandise, and other valuables before being released to return to Mundemba.

Pirates across the Cameroon-Nigeria borders have been operating with ease in these waters.

Their activities have become exacerbated, especially in the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Most of the boat's passengers were either going to buy or sell in either town. A great majority of the merchandise being exchanged in these areas of Cameroon comes from Nigeria.

Trading in most of the locally produced foodstuff is carried out on the basis of trade and barter. Most of their markets hold on Saturdays for reasons best for indigenes living in these riverine areas.

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