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Mr. Emmanuel Chatue Appointed Senator - His Appreciation Message to President Paul Biya

Media mogul and founder of Canal 2 TV house has been appointed senator by President Paul Biya.

"The national press of our beautiful country Cameroon, has just been highly honored by my designation and appointment by the Head of State, as a Senator.

I would like to express my deepest respect to the President of the Republic, to whom I would like to express my infinite thanks, while my emotions are still high.

My thanks also go to the one who held my hand for my first steps in politics as well as in business or simply in life, I named the patriarch Victor FOTSO of late memory.

To all those who have always been at my side, encouraging and supporting me, I say thank you very much.

Only the Almighty God who protects and guards us, will find the way to express to all of you, the feeling of recognition and gratitude that animates me in this exceptional moment of solemnity.

Emmanuel. CHATUE.".

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