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Minister Philip Ngole Ngwesse publishes a book on the Insides of the Public Service

Updated: Jan 1

The former minister of Wild Life and Forest, Philip Ngole Ngwese has published a book "On The Inside Of The Public Service"

In the book recently published in Yaounde, the minister delves into the history of a long and rich career of over 30 years with the state.

Former Minister Philip Ngole Ngwese also touches on some of the difficulties he encountered before resigning in 2019.

According to the author, the real message he wishes to share is the restitution of ethical and deontological values.

The book also highlights the difficulties faced by young civil servants in highlighting their various talents in the service of the general public.

The book offers solutions for decision-makers to boost development and nation-building.

The author asserts that he was an ordinary person who walked through the difficult path of life just like any Cameroonian.

The 247-page book is published by Eclosion.

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