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Military kills two alleged separatists in Ekombe

Two separatists have been allegedly killed by the military at 3-corners Ekombe along the Kumba-Mbonge stretch of road.

The two, Molango John and one Tebi, were killed on Thursday 23rd night breaking Friday 24 June 2022, we have further gathered.

While the military claims the two were separatist fighters, the population of 3-corners Ekombe has debunked that claim.

According to the population of 3-corners Ekombe, these boys were drug peddlers.

We have further gathered that the military entered Ekombe in search of separatists and in the process, shot dead the two accusing them of supplying drugs to the separatists.

3-corners Ekombe is one of the hotbeds of separatist activities along the Kumba-Mbonge road.

We observe that on Saturday, May 7th, the separatists abducted some 12 workers, who were part of the Kumba Ekondo Titi Akwa road construction team.

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