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MENCHUM: SDO bans the carrying of knives, Spears, and cutlasses in public

The Senior Divisional Officer of Menchum has banned the carrying of cutlasses, knives, sticks, and spears in the Division.

The SDO, Abdullahi Aliou's ban signed recently comes after days of deadly clashes between armed Fulanis and Aghem natives in Wum.

The clashes resulted in the death of two Aghem natives followed by the discovery of the corpses of four Fulani youths days earlier by unidentified gunmen.

In retaliation, several Fulanis took to the streets, in Wum, in protest and allegedly brutalized several Aghem natives, wounding many in the process.

In his decision circulated Thursday, the SDO wrote "considering the brutal slaughter of four Fulanis youth at Waindo and Zongefu bushes in Wum subdivision and the subsequent butchering, stabbing, and beating of Aghem with sticks by the Fulani youth" the SDO went on to declare, "that with the effect of the date of signature of this order the usual carrying and movement with objects like knives, cutlasses, spears, or any other objects: subject to attacking fellow human beings, are hereby prohibited from being carried in public in Menchum Division"

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