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MEME: 'Okada' Divisional President justifies keeping administrative surroundings clean

The President of Commercial bike riders, known in pidgin as (Okada) in Meme Division Southwest Region has justified why members of that association "keep clean" Administrative premises or surroundings on earth "keep Kumba clean" day.

"Keep Kumba Clean" takes place every first Thursday of the month from 6 a.m to noon.

This day, businesses and other commercial activities remain closed while the citizens keep cleaning their immediate surroundings. While on the eve of the "Keep clean" exercise, the various subdivisional Officers; Kumba 1, Kumba ||, Kumba |||, Mbonge, and Konye call on the commercial bike riders in the various subdivisions to "keep Clean"the premises of the subdivisional Officers and other strategic public places.

This monthly keep Kumba clean exercise has not gone well with some Okada riders, who argue the administration has its own workers to take care of their surroundings and even that they too have their surroundings to take care of.

The June keep Kumba clean exercise took place on Thursday, May 2nd, 2022.

Contacted immediately after that exercise Ayuk Raphael, explained members of the union in all the five subdivisions that make up Meme keep Administrative surroundings clean on "keep Kumba clean"day for several reasons.

According to him, most of the workers in the SDO's and DO's offices are females adding "you don't expect the SDO or DO "to take up a machete, hoe, shovel, spade, or broom to keep his environment clean.

He also explained members of the union work along the road, for example trimming tree branches for visibility because they use the road more than any other person, adding that the group has never taken care of the Council's premises or surroundings.

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