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MEME: Female Wing of the Nigerian Union Installed.

The Female wing of the Nigerian Union, Meme Division Southwest Region, has been installed with a call to serve with sincerity and commitment.

The president of the Meme Nigerian Union, Chief Maximilian Agwu Ifeanyi, made this call on Sunday 14th August 2022, while installing the executive of the female wing of that union led by Patience Obasi.

In his address, Chief Agwu exhorted the Patience Obasi to serve their kind with sincerity and commitment, adding leadership is sincerity and dedication.

He further appealed to the same to bring back some disgruntled Women who had left the Union.

Mounting the podium, Patience Obase, thanked her fellow Women, who elected her and her exco for leading them for the next four years.

While promising to rally all the Nigerian women together, she invited her peers to be one another's keepers and to respect the culture and tradition of the land.

She also promised to liaise with the Nigerian Consulate in Buea to encourage free movements and encourage trade between Cameroon and Nigeria.

The fashion parade and traditional dances native to all the Nigerian Union members resident in Meme were some of the main side attractions of the event.

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