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MEME cultural festival to revive Meme culture

After a low in activities due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis, Meme culture will soon be revived in a grand event dubbed, "Meme cultural festival-MEFE 2022."

This was the thrust of a press conference organized by the Coordinator of MEFE, Pastor Ojong David at the Conference Hall of the Kumba 1 council, on Friday 5th August 2022.

The press conference was also attended by leaders and representatives of all the cultural groups in all the five subdivisions, Kumba 1, Kumba 2, Kumba 3, Mbonge, and Konye.

Addressing the participants, Pastor Ojong said as Coordinator of the forthcoming event, the press conference is aimed at sampling the opinions of the participants, reason he added he extended invitations to all the cultural groups in the Division.

He further explained that the event would rally all the tribes together and also cement peace and unity shattered by the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

The church, he went on, is not against culture or tradition and vice versa.

He also explained that with the cultural festival Meme Division will once again smile, "Meme has suffered a lot, but we are going to smile once again"

Pastor Ojong and his team also took time to explain the sources of funding for the festival and prizes that would be awarded to the winners.

Everything being equal, the festival is likely to take place in November.

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