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Mayor of Kumba 3 wages war against stray animals

The Kumba 3 council, with headquarters at Mambanda, has declared war against stray animals in that municipality we were informed.

Stray animals are a common sight in Kumba, especially within the Kumba 3 municipality jurisdiction due to the agrarian nature of that subdivision.

In an undated circular signed by the Mayor of Kumba 3, Dr. Mukwelle Nguba Isaac, a copy of which we obtained, he drew, in particular, the attention of the citizens of Mapembe quarters in Kang Barombi to the havoc caused by stray animals in that quarter.

He went on to inform them that the Kumba 3 council is keeping three goats it recently impounded.

He then went on to appeal to the owners of the impounded goats to come and collect them upon the payment of an unspecified fee adding that failure to retrieve their animal will result in the council proceeding to publicly auction the animals.

Stray animals especially goats and pigs have been a threat to farmers, especially to crops like maize, egusi, plantains, and cocoyams planted in the compound, or on nearby farms.

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