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Mayor of Kumba 3 receives 'Life Time Achievement Award'

The mayor of Kumba 3 council with headquarters at Mambanda has remarked that the award he received from the Time media Group would spur him to work even harder.

Dr. Mukwelle Nguba Isaac was speaking on Tuesday 11 July 2022 after receiving an award from the Life Time media Group based In Bamenda.

The Life Time media Group's Life Time Achievement Award was handed over to Dr. Nguba by the proprietor of the Life Time magazine and Life Time Newspaper, Tim Finian, who was accompanied to Kumba by some of his closest collaborators.

In his speech, Tim explained that the Time Media Group is made up of independent-minded persons like journalists, teachers, and lawyers who monitor the performances and achievements of persons in authority, adding that when Dr. Nguba was shortlisted for the award he dispatched his team to the field to corroborate the selection.

Tim further explained that Dr. Nguba was receiving the award for being development-oriented and his persistence to empower his community in various ways and to disenchant the same.

Receiving the award Dr. Nguba thanked Tim and members of the Life Time media Group for selecting him among many Cameroonians in authority for the award, adding the award was his second since he became mayor of Kumba 3.

The award ceremony proper took place in Bafoussam Western Region under the distinguished patronag e of the Governor Of that Region Awa Fonka Augustine on June 25th

Mayor Nguba for admini stative reasons could not be present, reason the Life Time media Group thought it wise to give the award in Kumba

The Life Time media Group Award is now in it's 10th year

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